AD's Holiday Wish List 2012

AD's Holiday Wish List 2012

By Craig McPhail


As we start classes today, I wanted to share some of the Athletic Department at Lees-McRae College’s New Year’s resolutions. These are some wishes we have, but hopes with hard work and dedication they will indeed be rewarded.

In reading these, some have already been accomplished as we had a 3.13 grade point average last semester, this is the highest ever. And while some may be a bit far-fetched, some resolutions seem that way too.

Make a difference.


  1. I am hoping the over 4,000 hours of CATS (Challenging Athletes to Success) program will pay off with a 3.0 grade point average for our student-athletes.
  2. I am wishing for the Arthur, Lauritsen, Sanders Track and Field venue to get a fresh coat of rubber this summer, with over 60 student-athletes on the team and countless community members, the facility is a great resource.
  3. We do need another mode of transportation to get our larger squad size teams to their games. A charter bus could go a long way in making this possible.
  4. Turf fields, always on the list in this climate. Playing home games on the road, because our field is unplayable is something we need to address. Would be great for camps and other activities as well.
  5. Bleachers in the gym. For our indoor sports to continue to improve our facilities must get the needed attention, same can be said for our classrooms.
  6. Locker rooms are needed for more teams. This is a safe haven for the intercollegiate experience. So many great memories are born out of a locker room, van ride or huddle.
  7. A 4x4 gator would seriously enhance our athletic training department’s ability to transport hydration or injured athletes to and from the athletic training room.
  8. While I am at it, our athletic training room also needs to upgrades to continue to serve almost half of our on campus student body.
  9. A pep band would really liven up our indoor game day experience. We have made great strides with cheerleaders and a new concession stand, but the band could make a big difference.
  10. Another trophy case for our expanding awards, perhaps interactive with TV showing Bobcat highlights. We are having a tough time honoring the great achievements with our space issues.
  11. A tractor. Every athletic department needs a vehicle that can roll fields, aerate, spread seed and do whatever necessary to maintain the field space we have.
  12. Outdoor storage space. It would help us to protect our track and field, lacrosse and softball equipment from the elements.
  13. Again, while I am at it, an indoor training facility would not only serve our 17 teams, but the community as well. There are times where we could really utilize this.
  14. Better webcasting tools, this is a great recruiting resource for us and to be able to provide quality webcasting is crucial. Play by play announcers would be awesome!
  15. A paint job on the exterior top part of the gym.
  16. Repairs on the fencing around the athletic fields.
  17. Drainage around the lower fields to prevent flooding and loss of practice fields.
  18. Media room. A place for our coaches to show film, educate the student-athletes and target the technology advancements in training.
  19. Better lighting system in the gym, this allows us better broadcast capabilities.
  20. Better press box for softball, with all of the other upgrades to this facility it would only make sense.
  21. Upgrades to the cycling trails, NORBA do you hear me?
  22. Bleacher system dug out of the hill for tennis sure would be unique.
  23. Another couple of indoor tennis courts.
  24. And while I am at it, our outdoor courts need some repair/renovating.
  25. A sound system for the gym to which the Lees-McRazies can really make some noise.
  26. How about a Pep Band? Would make for an intimidating home court!
  27. What about new sports like swimming, skiing/snowboarding, triathlon, and dare I say FOOTBALL?
  28. Our coaches and staff have a restful, safe and fun-filled holiday break, as they have been working so much to keep up with the success of our program.
  29. Our student-athletes continue to do some training, but also share their time with friends and family over these holidays, re-charging for the spring semester.
  30. And for this Bobcat Club to continue to grow and make the impact it can and will on the lives of these young people and their coaches who are navigating through this journey of life.