Day Three from Indoor Track Nationals

Day Three from Indoor Track Nationals

This morning started off just as the rest had since we arrived here, with the routine of breakfast at 8:30 a.m.; as usual I had eggs with bacon and bananas. After a quick shower and a bit of relaxing, we headed over to the track to watch some swimming before my practice, since the NCAA II Swimming and Diving Championships are being held in the same complex.

They were having diving competitions. It was pretty interesting. We watched that for about 30 minutes before my pre-practice treatment. After treatment, I went to the track and ran a few laps, went through my dynamic warm up circuit, then jogged a few more laps and shut it down for the day.

After practice, we headed over to the regional awards ceremony presented by the United States Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association.  I met a lot of really talented young men and women, and it was very humbling to be in the presence of them; they were all very nice and polite.

My favorite was a freshman vaulter from Texas A&M-Kingsville named Jordan Yamoah. He is ranked No. 1 heading into Saturday's contest and as we were standing there talking about how our last few weeks of training, it became clear to me that this was going to be one of the most fun competitions of my life.

We as pole vaulters are unlike any other sport. We don’t cheer against one another because in all reality it’s not about you versus the other person, it’s you against yourself. We all just want one another to jump as high as we can.

After the ceremony, we watched a bit more of the diving competition and then came back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. Let me tell you about dinner - it was amazing! If you ever visit Birmingham or the Birmingham area, you need to stop in at Jim and Nick's. It was some of the best flavored food I have ever had in my life besides Artisanal. After dinner, I had an ice bath and while making the ice bath locked myself out of the room and almost flooded the bathroom. The crisis was quickly averted, but as per usual, I leave you to rehab some more.

I hope you enjoy the pictures from today, and be sure to check out my Twitter feed and Youtube channel for more updates from the D2 Indoor Championships Festival.

So long from Birmingham!!!