It's Not About The Money

It's Not About The Money

By Whitney Noble, Sports Information Director


The daily life of a Sports Information Director (or SID as we’re more commonly referred to), can frequently be described as boring or dull, but being the SID at Lees-McRae College is definitely anything but dull.

Sitting in the front office of the Williams Physical Education Complex, or the “fish bowl” as it’s called in the athletic department, it often proves difficult to accomplish the day’s necessary tasks when faced with regular visits from student-athletes, members of the community, and other staff. Yet it is those sometimes all-to-welcome interruptions which make the job that much more enjoyable.

For within the daily grind of seemingly endless press releases, updates to the website, pictures to edit, and other assorted responsibilities, we often forget the true reason and purpose behind the SID’s devotion to our profession: the young men and women who fill our lives with laughter and pride on a daily basis.

It is the student-athletes and the coaches we work with each day that keep us going, providing a constant reminder of the rewards that come as a result of hard work, determination, and an insatiable passion for the game they play.

I know for myself that this is truly the most rewarding part of the job – watching these young men and women grow and achieve such great heights over the course of their four years (and sometimes an extra one or two) at this wonderful school. It fills me with such pride to witness our student-athletes push themselves to heights and achievements well beyond what they ever thought possible when they first set foot on campus.

This is what truly makes the long days and many thankless tasks worth it – seeing the smiles on the student-athletes’ faces when they receive their awards, and begin to realize just how much they are capable of. These special young men and women continue to inspire me on a daily basis to always push myself to be better, and for that, I am truly grateful.