LMC Opens Ski/Snowboard Season at Beech Mountain

LMC Opens Ski/Snowboard Season at Beech Mountain

BEECH MOUNTAIN, N.C. --- The USCSA event hosted an event this past weekend at Beech Mountain Resort in Beech Mountain, N.C. 

Ski GS (Giant Slalom) and Snowboard GS was on Saturday and Ski Slalom was on Sunday.  Colleges competing included: North Carolina, NC State, Appalachian State, James Madison, Virginia Tech, East Carolinas, Liberty and LMC.  It was the first event of the season for the Southeast Conference. 

Trey Norris Woody lll earned a second-place finish in both Men’s Ski GS and Slalom events while AJ Dulin placed second in Men’s Snowboard GS.  

Josh Godwin competed in both ski events and Christian Lloyd and Will Creasy competed in the Snowboard GS. 

All results:


Ski GS Men:  http://www.live-timing.com/report.php?r=153550&rp=933254

2   202  A     LMC   Norris Woody          24.32 (2)     24.46 (2)     48.78 (2) 

18  201  A     LMC   Joshua Godwin         32.94 (20)    32.73 (20)  1:05.67 (18)

Ski Slalom Men:  http://www.live-timing.com/report.php?r=153589&rp=933263

2   202  A     LMC   Norris Woody          20.82 (3)     21.27 (2)     42.09 (2)
16  201  A     LMC   Joshua Godwin         31.04 (17)    30.65 (17)  1:01.69 (16)

Snowboard GS Men:  http://www.live-timing.com/report.php?r=153594&rp=933259

2   503  A     LMC   AJ Dulin              36.14 (3)     34.40 (2)   1:10.54 (2)
27  505  A     LMC   Christian Lloyd       55.01 (25)  1:00.59 (31)  1:55.60 (27)
31  504  A     LMC   William Creasy            DNF       39.78 (7)

“Right out of the gate, Woody and Dulin demonstrated they have the ability to compete at the collegiate level.  Both men finished a close second in a very talented field of competitors,” said head coach Aaron Maas. “These guys have spent countless hours on the slopes practicing, competing and preparing for these events and it shows.  Although this is only our first event of the season our whole team showed great promise for the future.” 

The team returns to action this weekend on Sugar Mountain in Sugar Mountain, N.C.