LMC Cycling Team Rides Away With Conference Win

Johnson City, TN--A squad of thirty-two cyclists traveled to East Tennessee State University on Saturday and Sunday to begin their quest to hold onto their number one ranking in Division I Cycling. The Bobcats dominated the field which included teams from University of Florida, Georgia Tech, University of Georgia, Warren Wilson College, Brevard College, North Georgia College, Emory University, Life College, University of Tennessee, Florida State, NC State and Appalachian State.

Saturday morning started out strong for the Bobcats with seniors Aaron Bradford and Chris Consorto setting the pace by grabbing both first places in the Men's A & B races respectively. Freshman cyclists Ben Huse and Luke Cavender rode into second place behind the upperclassmen in both races. LMC's women managed to ride into three top ten finishes in the A race.
The cross country racers were featured Saturday night. The Cycling Bobcats pedaled into action, cruising by their opponents to grab the first five place finishes in both Men's A & B Races. Newcomer junior Randy LaPrairie rode to victory in his first race for the Bobcats in the A Race while freshman Brad Perley pedaled to his first top place finish in the B Race. Not to be left out, Men's C rode to three of the top five places with another freshman, Michael Rozelle, grabbing the first place finish for the Bobcats. In the Women's A Race LMC had four ladies (Alli Starcher, Carla Swart, Jo Markham and Chloe Jackson) finish in the top ten.
Sunday brought the featured Cross Country Races with once again complete domination by the Bobcats. In both the Men's A & B Races LMC swept the first four positions while adding another set of first and second place finishes in the Men's C Race. Freshmen Michael Anderson(A) and Brad Perley(B) garnered first place spots as did sophomore Diego Ramirez(C). A trio of women finished fifth, sixth and seventh in the Women's A Race.
This week the Bobcats will travel to Asheville for a few track races Tuesday night, to Charlotte on Wednesday for time trial events and then to North Georgia on Friday for their next conference Mountain Bike Race. September 12th the cycling team will send their largest squad ever to the College Track Nationals in San Diego, CA as they attempt to improve on their fourth place finish from last year. This event will be the first of four National Championship competitions they will participate in this year.
Race Results for Bobcat Riders
Saturday Morning - Down Hill Races
Men's A
1st - Aaron Bradford
2nd - Ben Hulse
Men's B
1st - Chris Consorto
2nd - Luke Cavender
Women's A
4th - Kristine Koch
6th - Chloe Jackson
8th - Carla Swart
Saturday Evening - Cross Country Races
Men's A
1st - Randy LaPrairie
2nd - Will Hoffarth
3rd - Mike Anderson
4th - Aaron Bradford
5th - Chris Consorto
Men's B
1st - Brad Perley
2nd- Luke Cavender
3rd - Ben Corbalis
4th - Chris Pickerell
5th - Sean Condron
Men's C
1st - Michael Rozelle
2nd - PJ Noto
5th - Matthew Owen
Women's A
3rd - Ally Stacher
4th - Carla Swart
5th - Jo Markham
9th - Chloe Jackson
Sunday Morning - Cross Country Races
Men's A
1st - Mike Anderson
2nd- Randy LaPrairie
3rd - Will Hoffarth
4th - Aaron Bradford
6th - Chris Consorto
Men's B
1st - Brad Perley
2nd - Chris Pickerell
3rd. - Ben Corbalis
4th - Gonzalo Escobar
Men's C
1st - Diego Ramirez
2nd - Michael Rozelle
Women's A
5th - Ally Stacher
6th - Jo Markham
7th - Carla Swart