Mojski, Velazquez and Mabe, Mayers Performance Prove to be the Highlight of LMC Tennis CVAC Championship Play:

Wilson, NC--The Lees-McRae men's and women's tennis teams traveled to Wilson, North Carolina this past weekend to participate in the CVAC Fall Championships. Both the men's and women's teams competed well. Coach Goode said. "I am proud of the way both teams competed. It was the first college tournament for 9 out of the 10 players that we brought, and I'm sure nerves were a factor. Now that we have the first one behind us I think we can go out and play a little more relaxed. I look forward to seeing what they can do next weekend." Both teams came away with a bolstered confidence and anticipation of the ITA Regional tournament next weekend.

Although the overall outcome of the tournament fell short of the team's aspirations, a few considerable placings by Alek Mojski in the Men's Singles A flight and in the Men's Doubles A flight with partner Ricardo Velazquez, as well as and impressive showing from Kasey Mabe and Ashley Mayers in the Women's Doubles A flight proved to be the highlights of the weekend for the team.

In the Men's Singles A flight, Mojski came away from the quarter-final round defeating Coker's Duncan Grew 6-0, 6-2. Mojski had a tough match up in the simifinals facing number one seed Brent Ching of Barton College, Mojski was unable to pull through with the win, losing to Ching 2-6, 3-6, but was able to finish with a win by default over M. Sriam of Pfeiffer, leaving him in 3rd place overall. Mojski reflected on his weekend play, stating "I am content about my first match against Grew (Coker). I was really focused in the first set. In the semifinals I couldn't bring up my game, but overall I think it was a good first tournament for me and Lees-McRae. I look forward to playing better next weekend."

Of the weekend's performance, Sophmore Captain Ricardo Velazquez said "I am really looking forward to next week's tournament. Competition will be stiffer and stakes will be higher. Kasey Mabe had similar remarks, saying "I felt that everyone played really well with this being our first tournament. Overall I think the tournament was a big success, it gave us insight into what we are going to face in the spring season, and this will help us to know what to strive for in order to do better when we play them later on."

Men's Doubles A flight: Mojski and partner, Velazquez finished the tournament with one of the best standings, dominating their match against T. Mauer and M. Sriam from Pfeiffer with a 8-3 win, propelling them into the semi-finals. In the semis the two played well, but lost 8-4, this placed Mojski and Velazquez in a match up for 3rd and 4th place. The pair were unable to come out on top and lost 8-4, putting them in 4th place, a respectable placement for their first tournament.

Women's Doubles A Flight: Partners, Kasey Mabe and Ashley Mayers contributed with a notable performance. A quarterfinal round loss of 8-3 against Queens' Lindsay King and Merissa Rock placed the team in the consolation bracket where they won by default in the semi-finals landing Mabe and Mayers in the finals. They lost in a hard fought match that ended as an 8-4 loss, leaving Mabe and Mayers with a second place finish overall in the consolation bracket.

Men's Singles Quarterfinal:

A: A. Mojski - def. D. Grew (Coker) 6-0; 6-2 B: R.Velazquez - def. A. Mody (Queens)
6-2; 6-4 C: B.Propert - loss J. Rourke (Queens) 4-6; 2-6 D: P.Meunow - loss I. Mitru (MOC)
1-6; 1-6 E: A. Mills - loss M. Jackman (Barton) 0-6; 4-6 F: J. Cole - loss D. Yager (Coker) 1-6; 1-6

Men's Singles Semifinal:

A: A. Mojski - loss B. Ching (Barton) 2-6; 3-6 B: R. Velazquez - loss R. Jenner (Barton) 1-6; 3-6

Men's Singles Consolation Semifinal:

C: B. Propert - def. J. Arcila (St. Andrews) 6-3; 6-3 D: P. Meunow - loss 2-6; 0-6 E: A. Mills - loss M. Jacobs (Limestone) 2-6; 1-6

Men's Singles Consolation Final:

A: A. Mojski - 3rd Place Final Finish by Default vs. M. Sriam (Pfeiffer) B: R. Velazquez - loss V. Lage (MOC) 1-6; 1-6 C: B. Propert - loss 4-6; 2-6

Women's Singles Quarterfinal:

A: K. Mabe - loss A. Stroup (Pfeiffer) 4-6; 1-6 B: A. Mayers - loss A. Santos (Coker) 3-6; 2-6 C: K. Hawkins - loss L. King (Queens) 1-6; 0-6 D: J. Cline - loss K. Cedona (Barton) 1-6; 0-6

Women's Singles Consolation Semifinal:

A: K. Mabe - loss R. Lemar (Coker) 3-6; 2-6 B: A. Mayers - loss S. Powell (Queens) 1-6; 2-6 C: K. Hawkins - loss M. Lynch (Barton) 1-6; 0-6 D: J. Cline - loss J. Moats (MOC) 0-6; 1-6

Men's Doubles Quarterfinal:

A: A. Mojski, R. Velazquez - def. T. Mauer, M. Sriam (Pfeiffer) 8-3 B: P. Meunow, B. Propert - loss C. Fleek, D. Reuben (St. Andrews) 2-8 C: J. Cole, A. Mills - loss F. Barroz, D. Mosteanu (MOC) 3-8

Men's Doubles Semifinal:

A: A. Mojski, R. Velazquez - loss 4-8
3rd and 4th place playoff - loss 4-8
Men's Doubles Consolations Semifinal:

B: P. Meunow, B. Propert - loss A.J. Flores, F.P. (Pfeiffer) 1-8 C: J. Cole, A. Mills - loss J. Schroeder, T. Thompson (Coker) 4-8

Women's Doubles Quarterfinal:

A: K. Mabe, A. Mayers - loss L. King, M. Rock (Queens) 3-8 B: J. Cline, K. Hawkins - loss C. Cook, N. Garrison (St. Andrews) 4-8

Women's Doubles Consolation Semifinal: