Women's Lacrosse

Up Close & Personal with Laura Hawthorne

Next up for the Lady Bobcats is Laura Hawthorne. The junior, who hails from Winter Garden, Florida, plays attack for the Lady Bobcats and has recently rejoined the squad on the field after being sidelined by injuries. In the classroom Hawthorne is pursuing a degree in criminal justice. Join us as we get to know her.

1. What made you decide to come to Lees-McRae College? Getting the opportunity to further my education in these beautiful mountains as well as continue my lacrosse career weighed in my decision.

2. What are you most looking forward to this season? I am looking forward to getting the chance to play again after having to sit out all of last season.

3. In which part of the game does your strength lie? The attack, I would have to say my strength lies in my offensive abilities on and off the field.

4. What do you do to prepare yourself for matches? Nothing special - something inside of me just clicks and I get my head in gear.

5. Who has had the biggest impact on your lacrosse career? My whole family has, they have always been so supportive of everything I do but mostly my parents, my parents have always been there through thick and thin supporting me in my decisions everyday. Without the support from my whole family I would not be the player I am today, my brothers, cousins and grandparents have all been a vital part of my lacrosse decision-making and a huge influence on who I am today on and off the field.

6. What is your favorite part about being a member of the Lady Bobcat lacrosse team? We grow every day. We have been pushing ourselves as a team farther and farther every day to become who we are right now. I am proud to say I am a part of that.

7. What personal and team goals have you set for this season? My personal goals are to just get back in the game and start playing as strong as I was when I played my last game. Team goal is to come together and play as a team on and off the field.

8. What is the biggest mental challenge you face on the field? I am not physically as fit as I would like to be due to my previous injuries but keeping up during the game and not getting down on myself is a big challenge I face.

9. Who has been the biggest role model in your life? My mom - She is such a hard worker and has never given up and has put up with so much from having to deal with my brothers and me. She is just like superwoman to me.

10. What is your idea of a perfect afternoon? Disney. Going to Disney with my family and just being able to relax with them and have fun sounds perfect!

11. If you could try something new today what would you try and why? I would love to fly planes. I have been given the chance already, but I would love to take some flying lessons someday.

12. Describe your favorite dessert. Apple pie, brownies, chocolate shake, mint chocolate chip ice cream, fried pineapples, cake!
Any desert is a favorite of mine, I have somewhat of a sweet tooth.