Women's Lacrosse

Up Close & Personal with Julia Campbell

Today we begin our series of Up Close and Personal interviews with the Lees-McRae women's lacrosse team. Up first for the Lady Bobcats is junior Julia Campbell. The Black Mountain, North Carolina native plays midfield for the squad. In the classroom Campbell she is pursuing a degree in business. Join us as we get to know her better.

1. What made you decide to come to Lees-McRae College? I watched my brother play soccer against the school, and I really enjoyed the area, so I checked into it and decided to come and play soccer. After soccer not working out, I was asked to join the lacrosse team and have been playing ever since.

2. What are you most looking forward to this season? I am looking forward to winning and playing hard.

3. In which part of the game does your strength lie? I'm a good runner. I play mid-field and find that I'm more of a defensive player and someone that can get the ball to the attack.

4. What do you do to prepare yourself for matches? Nothing really. I try not to think about it actually. The less on my mind the more I'm ready to play.

5. Who has had the biggest impact on your lacrosse career? Andrea Duffy and my dad Chuck…My dad always wanted me to play, and Duffy fulfilled that wish.

6. What is your favorite part about being a member of the Bobcat lacrosse team? We have usually a pretty small team, forcing us to have really good chemistry on and off the field.

7. What personal and team goals have you set for this season? I want to see the team get more than one win, and I want to play hard in every game and at every practice.

8. What is the biggest mental challenge you face on the field? I sometimes can be hard on myself when I'm not having a great game.

9. Who has been the biggest role model in your life? How? My brother Guy… He has always been there for me and always knows what to do to cheer me up. He keeps me laughing and reminds me that life is so much bigger than the problem I may be dwelling over.

10. What is your idea of a perfect afternoon? A fall afternoon, where it isn't too hot, and there is a breeze that reminds us that winter is coming. The sun is about to set and the light would be just right to take a picture. That moment is priceless.

11. If you could try something new today what would you try and why? I would like to learn the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on my ukulele and play it for my friend's wedding.

12. Describe your favorite dessert. Well first you get a tortilla and put chunky peanut butter in the middle then put two large marshmallows on the peanut butter and sprinkle chocolate chips on top and put it in the oven on a broil until the marshmallow is brown on top. Take out, fold and enjoy.