Women's Soccer

Up Close & Personal with Kaylie Henne

Banner Elk, NC--Today we get Up Close with a freshman member of the Bobcats from Plainville, AR. Kaylie Henne played for the Ingram FC before arriving in Banner Elk, NC this fall.

1. What made you decide to come to Lees-McRae? I fell in love with the area and the school. The girls on the team made me feel like I was meant to be there the very first time I came.

2. What are your personal goals for this season? I want to come in as a freshman and push myself as hard as I can. I want to be a starter and lead the team to an awesome year.

3. What's your favorite Bobcat memory here at Lees-McRae so far? I'd say staying with the girls and seeing how close they were on and off the field.

4. What is your favorite part of playing your sport here at Lees-McRae? It would be going so far away from home, but now I know that I have a new family that will always be there for me whenever I need it.

5. Who has been the most influential person on your athletic career? My dad has been because he has inspired me to become the very best I can be. He is always working out and pushing himself, and I have always looked up to him and wanted to be like him.

6. If you weren't playing soccer, what other sport would you play? I would play football. It looks like so much fun to put on tons of pads and go hit people (although I know it must hurt).

7. What is your major and what do you plan to do with your degree? I play to major in Biology and become a pharmacist.

8. If you could travel back in time to any point in history, where would you go? I would go back to when my grandma was still alive. When I am in pain or sick, I think back to her and how much she suffered through but kept fighting with a smile on her face and saying, "I am fine."

9. What is your favorite band? Rascal Flatts

10. What is your favorite book? My favorite book is A Vision of a Champion by Anson Dorrance.

11. If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be? I would want to visit Brazil or Mexico. I have always dreamed of playing soccer in the streets and learning about a new culture.

12. What is one word that describes you and why? Perseverance; I will never give up on a task that is put in front of me. I have faith in myself that I can do it, and I will accomplish it one day.

Kaylie's Story… How I ended up at Lees-McRae is a good story. My sister, Kristi Henne, is on the cycling team here. When she found this school, I said it was way too small for me. I never thought that a tiny school would suit me but after touring many schools, I always came back and said that I wanted to go here. After the night I stayed with the girls, I knew that I really wanted to become a Bobcat. I look forward to representing Arkansas and my high school at Lees-McRa, and pushing myself to become the best that I can become.