Women's Soccer

Up Close & Personal with Tiffany Rodman

Today we meet up with Tiffany Rodman of Corona, California, the leading scorer for the Lady Bobcats. The sophomore forward/midfielder has seven goals and two assists on the year. Off the field Rodman is studying biology. Join us as we get Up Close & Personal with her.

1. What made you decide to come to Lees-McRae College? I thought Lees-McRae would provide a good learning environment as well as an opportunity to play soccer competitively. It was the perfect combination with the perfect location.

2. What are you most looking forward to this season? I am looking forward to having fun with my teammates and having a successful season.

3. In which part of the game does your strength lie? My strength lies in my determination; I try to never give up and give 100% when I am on the field.

4. What do you do to prepare yourself for matches? I usually just listen to music and get focused. Sometimes I get nervous and Mb and Steener (Christine) usually calm me down.

5. Who has had the biggest impact on your soccer career? My club coach Scott Juniper made me the player that I am today. I also would have to say that the Sullivan's back home keep me going. Pernell keeps me focused and working hard and Sandy keeps me on track and is always there. They make it so much easier to have confidence in myself on and off the field.

6. What is your favorite part about being a member of the Bobcat soccer team? I love the players. We are like a family and I love it. Caitlin and Marissa and Brittany Bolton and I have so much fun playing pranks on people, especially Steen (Christine). It's so much fun.

7. What personal and team goals have you set for this season? Personally I want to play in all of our games and not be on the sidelines due to injury. Secondly, I want to score eight goals and have eight assists and hopefully make an all conference team.

8. What is the biggest mental challenge you face on the field? When I make mistakes I tend to be really hard on myself and get really frustrated, this then makes me lose confidence in my playing. Luckily, however, I have teammates that are there to snap me out of it.

9. Who has been the biggest role model in your life? How? Sandy and Pernell Sullivan have been role models for me especially lately. I look up to them and love that they are there for me. At school I really look up to Christine Calvert, she has taught me so much and she helps me become a better person. I am going to miss her greatly when she graduates.

10. What is your idea of a perfect afternoon? Eating in Boone and going to the duck pond with Sheepy and doing all of this with Marissa, Caitlin, Brittany Bolton and Sadie, of course. Or laughing really hard in (Christine) Steen's room while the same episodes of "Full House" are on TV. Haha

11. If you could try something new today what would you try and why? Bungee jumping would be amazing and really thrilling.

12. Describe your favorite dessert. Cheesecake